The Perfect Picnic

Lately we have been packing up and going on picnic at least three times a week. Picnics have become a winner in our family. First, they are budget friendly! Picnics are a great way to feel out and about with out spending a small fortune on brunch or lunch around our house. Second, It’s great … More The Perfect Picnic

Weekend Adventures

 Everyone’s favorite part of the week should be the weekend, right? I had no clue I could love the weekend anymore then I already did until we moved to New York City. Even though we love our house in Alabama, which we still own and rent out, we do not miss the work that was … More Weekend Adventures


Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods and there is nothing like flowers budding and birds chirping to remind you of the beauty of life. As Laura said last week, life has been busy. With things slowing down this week I am committing to take in each moment and enjoy the longer days … More Easter

Friday Favorites

Man, what a crazy week!  I think Jen Hatmaker’s status said it best: Taking Care of Ourselves.  We have also had a lot going on with the health of our grandmother this week.  Even though our Friday Favorites can seem trivial right now, it is important to remember the fun, small things that bring a smile … More Friday Favorites

Can moms dream too?

Last Friday and Saturday, my husband and I attended a marriage conference through our church.  The guest speakers were Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley. To be completely honest, we were excited about the conference but we were more excited because my parents got us a babysitter to make sure we could attend. When leading up … More Can moms dream too?

Friday Favorites

After sick kids and a crazy-busy week (another post coming soon), we are finally back to blogging about our Friday favorites.  We have been saving up some things that we are currently crazy about.  What are you loving this week?  Happy Friday! 1. Fixer Upper Okay, I know this show has been around for a … More Friday Favorites

The Art of Waking Up Early (and why I have to stop failing at it)

We said we would spend some time in January blogging about resolutions.  Well, I didn’t originally put waking up earlier on my resolution list.  However, I did put making my bed, being more consistent with my quiet time and being more productive on those lists.  Waking up early seems to help with all of those … More The Art of Waking Up Early (and why I have to stop failing at it)

Changing Is Hard

I am sitting on my computer a few days out from New Year’s thinking about resolutions.  My family was home this weekend at my parents’  church.  My dad interviewed my husband and another member about the leadership training they went through with different programs with their jobs.  My husband, Charlie, went through many personality assessments, … More Changing Is Hard

Mooresville, AL

My husband and I moved to Huntsville, Alabama five and a half years ago.  We have been told for five and a half years that we should visit the quaint town of Mooresville, Alabama (about 30 minutes outside of Huntsville). When you live in a town that is not your hometown, it is always nice … More Mooresville, AL

3 Ingredient Breakfast: Sausage and Cream Cheese Roll

Way back in the good old days of college and easy meals, one of my roommates introduced me to her mom’s sausage and cream cheese roll that she fixed for breakfast.  We immediately became obsessed and hooked.  We made this easy three ingredient breakfast often, and I have continued to make it now for my … More 3 Ingredient Breakfast: Sausage and Cream Cheese Roll

Friday Favorites

Our New Logo We are excited to debut our new logo today.  We have wanted a logo for a while, and it has just become a reality recently.  Thank you to Jenna Bell for the idea about the placement and look of the words, and thank you to Cheree Moore who is an awesome graphic … More Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

After the fun we had coming up with our Friday favorites last week, we decided to bring it back.  So, here are our favorites for this week: CMA Awards Unless you been living under a rock this week, I am sure you have heard people talking about the CMA awards! The CMA’s always leave us … More Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

For this blog post, we decided to switch it up a bit.  We both love to read and, like the blog says, “try new things.”  So, for today, we decided to share with you some of our current favorite things that would not necessarily take up a whole blog post on their own.  It has … More Friday Favorites